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Peer-to-Peer Review

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Evaluation Panel

Evaluation Panel judges will score and provide feedback on applications assigned to them using the scoring rubric, and each valid application will receive five sets of reviews with scores that have been statistically normalized to ensure a level playing field.  

Informed by Evaluation Panel results, Robin Hood will select up to nine Finalists who will receive $100,000 each. Finalist selection will be based on considerations that may include, but are not limited to, Evaluation Panel resulting rank order, solution categories, organizational capacity, geographic diversity, and demonstrated potential.

We will have over 100 Evaluation Panel judges with diverse expertise and backgrounds reading and scoring applications to inform the selection.  We’ve started to add some of their names and bios to this site, and more will be added in the coming weeks.  Click below to see a sample of our reviewers.

Meet Some of Our Judges
Selection Committee

The Selection Committee will make a recommendation to Robin Hood for up to three $1 million awardees of the AI Poverty Challenge award.

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