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Research shows that if school-age children successfully complete kindergarten by age 5, are proficient in their 3rd and 8th-grade standardized tests, and graduate high school by age 19, their chances of achieving economic mobility greatly increase.  

High-quality education is essential to put students on a path to economic success. A healthy early childhood creates the foundation for cognitive and social development. Education ignites curiosity and helps students discover their passions and talents, while ensuring that they master the academic, social-emotional, and career-relevant knowledge and skills they need to be prepared for postsecondary success and a lifetime of learning. AI-powered educational platforms and data analytics can improve academic support and address different and unique needs of students or educators in a wide range of settings, environments, and communities. Solutions could include strategies, for example, to support early learning, academic skills, computational thinking, teacher effectiveness, high school graduation, and post-secondary completion.